Field Conduct

We are all deeply indebted to farmers and landowners for permission to hunt on their properties, and for their cooperation in protecting game for our sport. We must be constantly alert to prevent damage to property and injury to livestock at all costs.
The following are a few common sense rules of conduct and behavior for people who hunt with our pack.

  1. FENCES. Climb rail fences at the post where strongest, not in the middle. Slide under wire fences when possible. Don’t stretch the wires. If a fence is broken, secure it if possible and immediately report it to staff.
  2. GATES. If a gate is opened, make sure that the last person through closes it securely. If barways or rails are let down, make sure that they are put back up.
  3. GROUNDS. Keep off lawns and gardens near houses, and winter wheat or other soft seeded ground, including golf greens, tees and traps.
  4. LIVESTOCK. Keep well away from all livestock in fields and paddocks so as not to excite them. Move quietly around the enclosed area, rather than cross it, unless following the Field Master.
  5. SMOKING AND ALCOHOL. No smoking or drinking permitted in the hunting field. One of our meets is at a school that asks that there be no alcohol on the property.
  6. PARKING AT THE MEET. Don’t park on driveway edges or where inconvenience will be caused to others. Be guided by the Field Master on arrival.
  7. HOUNDS. Silence is golden when Hounds are drawing, or at a fault, or working a patchy line. And don’t call to or urge on, a lagging Hound. Hold up and notify the staff quietly.
  8. Finally, be guided by the Field Master. Keep behind them unless Hounds are running. Keep at least 30 yards behind Hounds when running, and hold up for the Field Master as soon as they hesitate on the line. If no Field Master is present or appointed for the day, keep forty yards between yourself and the Huntsman and Hounds when hunting so as not to turn rabbits back into cover, and a good twenty yards when moving off or going home.