A Hunting Recap

For years from afar we have enjoyed Jim’s hunt recaps & will post one from Oct 2, 2016. Subject: Today’s Hunting. From: James Scharnberg. “We had a good hunt this morning with a 4 couple at Marsh Creek to check it out for the opening meet next Sunday. Hounds worked a short running rabbit to ground at the west side of the oval, then after we got Yarrow back from the end, hounds drew up to the east corner where Quarry and Uwchlan drove the second out at the trail head. It dodged around Jonathan Wiedorn and got in on the outside edge where they worked it along inside the hedgerow to ground. Uwchlan got up another that looped back and forth toward the north end and back. Yarrow then pushed one out into the trail and accounted for it in the east edge. We then drew the outside back to the long center hedgerow, and hounds worked it up to the east end, speaking a couple of times in the heavy briar, but could get nothing out for a run. The far crossing hedgerow was blank, so we drew back down the center line to go in. Salsa and Yarrow worked the inside all the way, with the rest working in and out, then we collected hounds and went back to the trailer for kennel cleanup. The pack worked well and came quickly to cry as fresh lines were found. It was a very good hunting morning, and staff coverage was great.”

A Master of Friendship

Jim welcomed the Kalmbach family to Skycastle almost 25 years ago. He was a strong and kind mentor to our Eliot and a true friend to all of us. He brought so much to our world. We were blessed by his friendship and will miss him dearly.

Ten years hunting with Jim

I first met Jim on a very cold Sunday ten years ago after a foxhunting friend asked me if I would be going out with the Skycastle French Hounds the next day on the property adjoining mine. At that point I had been involved with foxhunting for just under 50 years, but had never gone out with a foot back, even though I was aware of footpacks. In fact, I had briefly met Jim’s predecessor Mrs. Streeter at her Skycastle Farm during an extra stop on a quest to buy a horse around 1970, but had no idea she was master of a footpack. Jim and Skycastle have provided me a way to continue to hunt with hounds for the past 10 years. Jim not only looked the part of a great master, he proved to be everything a master could be. Jim was great with the hounds; great with hunting; great leading the hunt. And he had an encyclopedic knowledge of the lore of hunting, and the people and the hounds involved with hunting over the years. When I visited Jim for the last time at Barclay Friends in early January 2019, we had an extensive conversation in which once again I learned quite a few things I had not known previously. I am grateful for the 10 years I knew Jim, grateful for the sport, and will miss him.